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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Hiding sections
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 20:15:51 GMT
Web Maestro Clay wrote:
> On Mar 20, 2006, at 9:20 AM, Flavio Cordova wrote:
>> Is there a way to set any attribute (or something else) to a section
>> so I could omit it when using forrest site or forrestbot, based on a
>> parameter ?
>> Today I use forrest to create an application's user manual. Most of
>> the information I use to create this documentation is based on use
>> cases specifications, but this specification has some information that
>> aren't appropriated to end users. So today I keep two different
>> documents, one for developers and other for end users (this last one
>> using forrest)..
>> So I'd like to unify these two documents and keep it all on Forrest's
>> format... then, developers will see the full content while end users
>> will receive the same files without some sections...
> I have a similar need. I had thought that forrest:views[1] might  
> provide the answer to the above users and my questions, but I'm not  
> certain.

The Forrest dispatcher (nee views) is dev code so adopt with caution (it 
is maturing nicely though).

However, it does not really add anything to this use case. The 
dispatcher is about deciding how a page is structured (i.e. what 
decorations there are), not really what content appears within the main 
body of the page.

It would certainly be possible to do this with the dispatcher, but I 
don't think it is any easier than with the current skinning system.

I would approach this in one of two ways:

a) use CSS to hide the relevant sections - in this case your different 
outputs of the site would simply use a different stylesheet. The 
disadvantage is that all the content is visible if a user does "view 
source". Use a different file for each different 
version, in which the extra-css element contains your additional CSS 

b) create a custom skin in which unwanted content is stripped out 
according to a parameter passed in via the sitemap. The advantage here 
is content is not present in the client, so only the content intended 
for users can be seen with "view source". However, this approach is much 
more difficult to implement and requires fairly detailed knowledge of 
the internals of Forrest.


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