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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Use case: Forrest or Cocoon?
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 19:31:44 GMT
Michael Conneen wrote:
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> Brian,
> Interesting question.   You COULD natively do in Cocoon what Forrest 
> does for you.. but.. that is what Forrest does!     To me, Forrest is 
> an XML standards based documentation framework built upon Cocoon.   
> There are are numerous plugins (pdf, png, forms, etc.) that you can 
> simply plug in and use within the Forrest framework.  If you want to 
> render the site statically, then create your source (either by editing 
> the raw XML.. or.. more likely having other utilities generate it for 
> you) and then task Forrest to generate it for you.. or you can have it 
> dynamically generated from the Cocoon based Forrest Webapp.
> So.. in short.. it depends on your needs.  From what you described, it 
> sounds as if you are certainly on the right track.

This is a very good overview.

Forrest is closer to what the original Cocoon was,an XML publishing 
engine. Cocoon has evolved into a complete web framework.

Since Forrest has a tighter focus, it is much simpler to set up and use. 
It is kind of a "simple cocoon" that only includes the Cocoon 
functionality to publish content.

Generally speaking, if you do not want to create dynamic content then 
use Forrest. If you need dynamic content use Cocoon.

However, since Forrest is itself a Cocoon application, it is possible to 
migrate from a Forrest site to a Cocoon application as your project 
requirements change. This will become increasingly easy as the Cocoon 
blocks implementation matures.


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