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From Brian M Dube <>
Subject Use case: Forrest or Cocoon?
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 05:55:30 GMT
The message below describes my experience with Forrest 0.7.

Over the past few months I've been working to convert a site--built by 
someone else with Dreamweaver--to Forrest. Lately I find myself 
revisiting the question of what the goal really is. I initially chose 
Forrest over Cocoon because I misunderstood that Cocoon is used only as 
a servlet (similar to Forrest's dynamic mode as in 'forrest run') and 
this is not easily accomplished in our current hosting environment. I 
now see that Cocoon offers several methods to achieve offline or static 
generation of content. My question then is what do I gain by using Forrest?

This question surely depends on the use case, so I will try to describe 
that now. My goal is to separate content from presentation. The current 
material is a nightmare to maintain when you have to dig through 
presentational markup to find the content you need to edit. This is the 
same reason that a new global layout or look to the site is no trivial 
task. I chose Forrest thinking that I could use the content of the old 
site and format it as XML of some sort, and then use stylesheets to 
render the site as it appears now--the difference being that it would be 
much easier to maintain. So far, with a custom skin, this is working. I 
can reproduce the site in Forrest with my custom skin and life goes on. 
But I have to wonder if I'm on the right track.

To summarize my use case, I maintain a site that is a real mess. Layout 
is accomplished with tables and other presentational markup that was 
already deprecated when the site was designed. Do I gain anything by 
using Forrest rather than Cocoon directly?

Thank you,

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