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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Access to the query part of the URL
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 17:10:58 GMT
Nigel Hardy wrote:
> Nigel Hardy wrote:
>> I can happily skin the output of php scripts using redirect-to, the 
>> FileGenerator etc. as suggested in the Cocoon documentation and at 
>> various times on this list. That works just fine for me. 
>> Unfortunately, some of the php scripts I want to use like this take 
>> query parts in the URL to set parameters. I can't see how to get hold 
>> of those in a matcher or selector. I can catch 
>> "this/that/theother.php" and skin it, but how do I get hold of the 
>> parameter from "this/that/theother.php?var=42" to feed that to the 
>> FileGenerator?
> Thank you for the quick and informative replies. I think they can be 
> summed up as simple redirection is not possible because the query parts 
> get disassembled. I would need to re-build a new URL if the original has 
> an unknown list of parameters. The mechanisms work on known parameters.

I still don't understand your use case since you have not described it. 
It is therefore difficult to give accurate information. However, if you 
have an unknown list of parameters then you probably want the 
RequestGenerator. This will create an XML document from any query data. 
You can then use that in a pipeline and processes it like any other 

I linked to the RequestGenereator in my original reply.

What confuses me is how you intend to make use of an unknown set of 


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