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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Summing up: Forrest as a background service (Was: Forrest as Windows-Service: Solution Firedeamon)
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 16:37:39 GMT
Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> So, there are some options to run Forrest in live mode:
> 1. 'forrest run': runs Jetty in a console window (stays open in Windows)
> 2. 'forrest war': creates a web application to deploy e.g. in tomcat
>    a) use the webapp directory
>    b) use "context descriptors" to use another webapp directory
>    c) use the location map to place the XML files somewhere else
> 3. Service-Wrapper (Windows only) to do 'forrest run' as a
>    service (e.g. firedeamon)
> In case (1) and (3) one can use the Forrest directory structure
> directly and edit the XML files in place.
> In case (2c) this may be possible as well --> anyone tried it?

Yes. I use it on a number of different sites, locations I've tested with 

- WebDav
- Daisy CMS
- Lenya CMS

Theoretically, it will work with any repository system capable of 
exposing the content in a suirtable format via any web protocol. 
Furthermore, a single site can have content coming from multiple 
locations (I have one that has content from SVN, WebDav and local file 
system for example).

However - be warned this is a 0.8 feature. It is fully operational and 
tested in SVN head and is now used internally and within all plugins.



> Maybe I'll be able to put the information together into a how-to
> (or the forrest documentation).

Yes, please, please, please ;-)


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