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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Summing up: Forrest as a background service (Was: Forrest as Windows-Service: Solution Firedeamon)
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 10:36:37 GMT
So, there are some options to run Forrest in live mode:

1. 'forrest run': runs Jetty in a console window (stays open in Windows)
2. 'forrest war': creates a web application to deploy e.g. in tomcat
   a) use the webapp directory
   b) use "context descriptors" to use another webapp directory
   c) use the location map to place the XML files somewhere else
3. Service-Wrapper (Windows only) to do 'forrest run' as a
   service (e.g. firedeamon)

In case (1) and (3) one can use the Forrest directory structure
directly and edit the XML files in place.

In case (2c) this may be possible as well --> anyone tried it?

In case (2a) and (2b) one edits the XML files in the deployed webapp
directory or one may "watch" the source repository (CVS, svn) and
automatically deploy changed files to the webapp.

I would like to know about the experiences with these options,
if there are other options and some details about them.

Maybe I'll be able to put the information together into a how-to
(or the forrest documentation).

Thanks to all!

Michael Conneen wrote:
> What we do is watch a Forrest/Maven source directory in CVS... upon
> check in .. we simply copy the content to the deployed webapp.. and
> yes.. we used context descriptors as well. ;)
> mc
> On Mar 1, 2006, at 14:24, Gunther Sablon wrote:
>> Hi
>> > You edit the files in the webapp directory, I suppose?
>> Actually the webapp (i.e., the web application)  is not located in the
>> "webapp" directory of Tomcat:
>> we use a context descriptor file so that the webapp can be located
>> elsewhere.
>> But indeed: the editable content is physically part of the webapp.
>> Regards
>> Gunther
>> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>> El mié, 01-03-2006 a las 17:19 +0100, Johannes Schaefer escribió:
>>>> Gunther Sablon wrote:
>>>>> Hi again,
>>>>> I am not the commercial guy, so I won't put any advertisments... ;-)
>>>> me neither, the ad was for forrest :-)
>>>>> We used the command  'forrest webapp'. We deployed the generated
>>>>> webapp
>>>>> under Tomcat only once.
>>>>> We don't have to recreate any webapp when changing the XML sources;
>>>>> all
>>>>> changes are immediately visible.
>>>> How do you do this?
>>>> You edit the files in the webapp directory, I suppose?
>>> That would be one possibility but with 0.8-dev and the locationmap you
>>> can determine where the content and anything else actually is coming
>>> from.
>>> So you can have the "content" coming from any place (do not have to be
>>> on the same server either).
>>> salu2

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