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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Using Forrest With Xindice Wiki Article
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 03:26:01 GMT
Note for the mail archives. This thread started at

Woods, Christopher wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Thanks to David Crossley for the reply.  I'm making some progress using
> his suggestions.  The first part of this post describes the steps I've
> taken so far.  I post them here for comments and corrections as I plan
> to document what I learn here and add it to the Forrest wiki.  

Have you seen the Cocoon docs for Xindice.
The above threads referred to some. There is
also the Cocoon Wiki docs (search for xindice).

> Thus far, I have this:
> Include XMLDB block in the properties file

Are you sure that you need the Cocoon xmldb block?
If so then i will follow below to explain how to add a
new block to Forrest. I haven't use Xindice, so don't
rely on any of my comments.

> NOTE:  This article describes how to generate a Forrest site using
> documents stored in Apache Xindice.  It is assumed that you are using
> Forrest 0.7 on Windows. 
> 1. Open the '' file in the
> $FORREST_HOME/etc/cocoon_upgrade directory.

No. You need to follow the instructions in
However, you don't need to follow the whole thing.

If you can use the exact same revision of Cocoon trunk
that we used to build Forrest-0.7 release then you
might be able to simply build Cocoon trunk by following
their instructions and copy 
the resulting cocoon-block-xmldb.jar to $FORREST_HOME/lib/core
Otherwise you would need to follow our whole Cocoon
upgrade procedure.

So ...

1. cd $COCOON_HOME then 

> 2. Save the file as ''.
> 3. Make the following edits to the file:
> Change '#include.block.xsp=false' to 'include.block.xsp=true'
> Change '#include.block.database=false' to 'include.block.database=true'
> Change '#include.block.xmldb=false' to 'include.block.xmldb=true'
> 4. Save and close the file.

5. Build cocoon:


6. Copy the Cocoon block to Forrest:

cp build/cocoon/blocks/xmldb-block.jar $FORREST_HOME/lib/core/cocoon-xmldb-block-2.2.0-dev-r125082.jar

7. Copy Xindice jars to Forrest:

See $COCOON_HOME/lib/optional/ and copy relevant Jars
to $FORREST_HOME/lib/optional

> 1. The next step is to edit the configuration file at
> $FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/WEB-INF/xconf/forrest-core.xconf but what
> changes need to be made?

Look at the files in Cocoon 2.2 trunk
Copy the <source-factories> element out of
xconf/cocoon-xmldb.xconf to forrest-core.xconf

I don't know how the xconf/xindice.xml file gets used.

Next step copy the <map:transformers> element from
sitemap-additions/cocoon-xmldb.xconf to our

The reason for these manual steps is that we have
not caught up with Cocoon's new and evolving
configuration methods.

> 2. Plain old Cocoon 2.1.8 has an embedded version but I don't think this
> is true of Forrest's Cocoon trunk. How do I point cocoon trunk to my
> install of Xindice?

Don't know. Try asking at cocoon-users list or
see their docs, or look at the code in Cocoon.

However, what makes you think that the embedded
version is not available in Cocoon-2.2?

Do you have it currently working with Cocoon-2.2 directly?


> Thanks very much to everyone responding to this thread.
> Chris  

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