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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Testing dispatcher
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 08:09:56 GMT
El mié, 15-03-2006 a las 19:56 -0600, Brian M Dube escribió:
> Hi,
> Sorry for the cross-post. Perhaps the dev list was the wrong place to 
> send this one.

Sorry, that this mail sliped through my radar. ;)

> I'm working to recreate a custom Forrest 0.7 skin with the 0.8-dev 
> dispatcher.


> I started by modifying the blank contract template to get some test 
> output. 

How does the contract looks after you modified it?

BTW IMO the best way to start is using the master.ft.

> I encounter the following error message:
> ---
> dispatcherError: 500 - Internal server error
> The contract "content" has thrown thrown an exception by resolving raw 
> data from "cocoon://index.body.xml".

So your contract that is throwing an exception is called "content" and
was thrown by resolving the raw data.

> dispatcherErrorStack:
>   org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The markup in the document following 
> the root element must be well-formed.
> ---
> When I inspect the result of index.body.xml, I can see why it's 
> complaining. The root element of the output is the empty tag 
> <meta-data/>, followed by the content. 

Hmm, that is not right and should not be. I just tried with the
fresh-site and cannot reproduce the problem.

Which plugins are you using (the exact name in 
Did you implemented a custom <map:match pattern="**.body.xml"/>?
How does your index.xml looks like?

> In 0.7 the skin's 
> document-to-html (or document2html) stylesheet inserted the meta-data 
> tag; what's doing it now? 

The dispatcher uses its own document2html.xsl that is not connected
directly with the one from skins. 

You can find the match in 
      <!-- HTML rendered from intermediate format -->
      <map:match pattern="**.body.xml">
        <map:generate src="cocoon:/{1}.source.rewritten.xml" />
        <map:transform src="{lm:dataModel-html-document-to-html.xsl}">
          <map:parameter name="path" value="{1}.html" />
        <map:serialize />

Where {lm:dataModel-html-document-to-html.xsl} is defined in the
dispatcher locationmap.xml
    <match pattern="dataModel-html-**.xsl">
      <select type="exists">
src="{project:skins-dir}{project:theme}/xslt/html/{1}.xsl" />

src="{defaults:structurer}/resources/stylesheets/html/{1}.xsl" />

Assuming you are not using your own implementation of
document-to-html.xsl the dispatcher uses 
but there I do not see any match for meta-data, nor in the import

> Is the skin system still active when using the 
> dispatcher? 

No. The dispatcher overrides skins.

> I'm not sure how the dispatcher interacts with skins. 

The interaction that may still exist till we solve are due to go but there
should be no interaction between skins and the dispatcher anymore.

> I 
> don't have a skin set in for this test.

That is perfectly alright.

> Thanks,
> Brian

Welcome to the dispatcher Brain and thanks for testing. :)


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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