I use a validating editor (JEdit) to edit my Forrest XML files.  It tells me immediately if I violate the DTD and also where I have broken it.  This saves me a lot of time debugging my files.

Ross Gardler <rgardler@apache.org>

02/06/2006 08:39 AM
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Re: forrest site fails

arthur thompson wrote:

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>     You'll have to tell us why it fails. What is the error reported in the
>     console output - it is most likely a broken link, in which case you
>     will
>     find more info the broken-links.xml file in the site root.
>     i get errors like:
>     "communication.xml is not a valid XML document"

For Forrest to work it must have a valid XML source document. When
running "forrest site" this a validation check is done (it can be done
manually by running "forrest validate"). If any problems are found then
they are reported.

In "forrest run" these validation checks are not done because files can
be edited in real time, and therefreo errors introduced after the
initial validation check.

Your XML is clearly well-formed since you say it is working OK in
forrest run, however it is not valid according to your chosen DTD.

It is possible to turn off this validation in forrest.properties.
However, caution must be taken in this apprach since it will not
guarentee acceptable results for all output formats.