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From <>
Subject UnknownHostException
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 06:58:31 GMT
Hi all.

I just ran into a frustrating problem when trying to do a "forrest war" (or webapp) generation.
This is forrest 0.7.


When the skinconf.xml file is to be processed I get:



Processing C:\forrest\sdfii\src\documentation\skinconf.xml to C:\forrest\sdfii\build\tmp\no-doctype-project-skinconf.xml

Loading stylesheet C:\apache-forrest-0.7\main\webapp\resources\stylesheets\strip-doctype.xsl

Warning: catalogpath listing external catalogs will be ignored: Fatal Error! Cause:

Failed to process C:\forrest\sdfii\src\documentation\skinconf.xml



C:\apache-forrest-0.7\main\ Fatal error during transformation


This does not happen when I do a "forrest site" or "forrest run".

I am behind a fire-wall but has set up the proxy-properties in my (project)
(i.e., proxy.port, proxy.user and proxy.password)

Furthermore I was under the impression that forrest uses local DTD/Schemas (via XML catalogue)
and I tried to increase the verbosity (to 10) but nothing changed.

I also checked the log4j.xml and tried to enable the ConsoleAppender but did  not get any
output at all.


I would like to get rid of the Warning message: "catalogpath listing external catalogs will
be ignored" that I really donĀ“t understand but have a feeling that it might be a cause of
the problem.


Has anyone seen this type of problem before?



Lars Bjerges


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