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Subject (no subject)
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 16:02:09 GMT
(The questions I'm about to ask may be offtopic; the problem is that I'm  very
new to a lot of this and hence don't know where to ask my questions.  
and LARTings will be gladly accepted, similarly appreciated, and  gratuitously
First, is there any way to tell Forrest about the *horizontal* layout of  a
page? Basically what I want is to be able to have graphical stuff  surrounded
by text on a page, like the "Demonstration" example on the FOP  homepage.
Second, is there a way to tell FOP that I don't want the tables in my  PDF
documents to occupy the entire width of the page? I'm trying to save page  
in the printed version of my document, and having tables span the  entire 
of the page when they don't need to is rather wasteful. I'll  gladly follow a
redirect to the FOP user list if it's appropriate.
Third, is there some way to create an index with page numbers like found in  
back of most books?
Fourth, and I apologise for the broad nature of this question, but I'm  
really new
to this part especially. Where can I go to learn about mixing  dynamic content
and Forrest document-v2.0 XML? I've gotten very simple XSP to  work, but the 
thing output was the dynamic content (a "Hello, world!",  basically), without 
of the Forrest navigation or other good stuff.
I thank you for your time and greatly appreciate any response you may  choose 

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