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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Forrest Windows Service (in Tomcat): Plugins don't work
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 16:19:37 GMT
Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> ...
>>>>> Could not find ...
>>>>Someone else just had a similar problem and it turned out being due to
>>>>using the wrong version of the plugin.  Plugins have been modified at
>>>>this point to use the new locationmap feature but this wasn't
>>>>supported in 0.7.  You might want to recheck what version of each
>>>>plugin you're using.
>>Yes, that is the problem. We are currently discussing (on dev) how to
>>fail more gracefully in this situation (or even recover automatically).
>>>These are the plugins I use:
>>>>>>   output.pdf, input.sdocbook, input.excel, input.projectInfo
>>>All of them seem to be unversioned and forrest does a 'local-deploy'.
>>>Do I need to put a version number somewhere? I remember I've read
>>>something about this in a thread ...
>>Yes, you should be able to look at the plugin descriptors page [1] to
>>see the maximum plugin version that is compatible with your version of
>>Forrest. However, this page seems to have got screwed up and is showing
>>the 0.8 release info. However, you can still see that the latest plugin
>>version does not work with 0.8.
> Why do the latest not work with 0.8??

They do, or at least they do in "forrest run".

> Which version of the plugins comes with 'svn co HEAD'?

Ones that will work, or so we think ;-)

>>For example, using Forrest 0.7 you must use projectInfo 0.1.
> Forrest 0.7 works as I described. Will describe in FOR-735.
> Forrest-HEAD gives headaches.

Do you mean it gives headaches when deploying to something other than 
the bundled jetty?

i.e. "forrest run" works, but "forrest webapp" and/or "forrest war" does 
not work when deployed to an external Servlet engine

This functionality has not (to my knowledge) been tested for 0.8 yet. 
Certainly it hasn't by me. I am aware of FOR-735 and that has not yet 
been fixed in 0.8 so is likely to continue to cause problems. However, 
since you have got this working in 0.7 I guess there is some other issue 
in 0.8.

The error you describe is in the use of the locationmap which is 
introduced in 0.8-dev, so if there is some other issue it is likely to 
be related to that.


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