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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Forrest Windows Service (in Tomcat): Plugins don't work
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 11:03:03 GMT

I resolved trying 'forrest webapp' to get forrest running as a
Windows service and running it in tomcat.

This is not a well-documented feature, e.g. I'm not sure about the
differences between 'webapp', webapp-local' and 'war' options.

To get it running, using forrest-0.7-377981:

1. Adapt web.xml, see (Mail archive)

  Now Forrest runs and produces some output but *not a single*
  plugin works:
    output.pdf, input.sdocbook, input.excel, input.projectInfo

2. Copy Forrest/build/plugins into the webapp dir and change
   the plugins entry in
     in webapps\my-project\WEB-INF\xconf\forrest-core.xconf
   as described in
   (which is marked as fixed).

This seems to work using Forrest-0.7-latest.

I also tried Forrest-HEAD (r377981) but 'forrest webapp' seems
to be broken: it looks for tab2menu.xsl instead for the renamed
tab-to-menu.xsl; 'forrest run' works fine.

Now, to get this mail out and keep it short ... I'm struggling with
tomcat because I only can start it once: after stopping the service
I get some java errors about a "valve". Will invesitgate but would
appreciate any hints.


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