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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: AW: forrest on Windows as background process
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 18:03:29 GMT
Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>>> wrote:
>>>>>Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>>>>>>We need to run a forrest server as background process on Win-XP.
>>>>>>On Unix we can do 'forrest run&'.
>>>>>>How can I achieve this on Windows?
>>>>>I'm not a windows user so can't help directly. But the windows
>>>>>terminology (I believe) is to run Forest as a "service".
>>>>>Perhaps that will help in a web search or prompt some windows users
>>>>>with better knowledge than I to tell us what they know (even if it
>>>>>is that I am incorrect in my assumptions).
>>>It does not seem to be a trivial task :-(
>>>>I would try service wrappers like
>>>Thanks for the pointer, I guess I want to try
>>>  "... the java wrapper provided by
>>>   to provide jetty as an Win32 service."
>>>since it comes with Jetty 4.2.25 (extra/win32)
>>>Next problem is that I'm no ant expert and I'm not able to decypher
>>>how to start 'forrest run' as a jetty app without using forrest.bat
>>>Can anyone bridge the gap and give me a commandline like
>>> >java org.mortbay.jetty.Server ...
>>>maybe plus some environment variables (CLASSPATH and the lot).
>>I wrote some code for the Eclipse plugin that does all that. I'd
>>recommend starting your investigation at [1] (in particular starting at
>>the line "monitor.subTask("Starting Server")".
>>This builds the classloader etc. for the Eclipse execution environment.
>>It's a long time since I wrote the code but I'm pretty sure the majority
>>of code is not dependant on Eclipse, it's only the actual execution code
> Can you confirm that I read the code correctly?
> Why do you call 'ant ... init' first?
> 1. Invoke ant with
>    -Dproject.home=%WORKING_DIR% \
>    -Dbasedir=%FORREST_HOME%/main \
>    -Dforrest.home=%FORREST_HOME% \
>    init

I forgot about that. The reason for the call is because there is some 
preparation that needs doing (install of plugins etc). I never 
implemented this in Java because it is not a long running process and 
therefore doesn't need to be stopped by the user (whereas the server does).

I'm not sure how you would deal with this. There was a passing remark on 
  IRC about doing such initialisation after Forrest has started, but 
this is not a trivial job I'm afraid, although certainly one worth doing 
as it would facilitate inprocess changing of configuration files.

> 2. Invoke jetty with
>    %JETTY_CONF%/jettyconf.xml \
>    %WORKING_DIR% \
> quite sure about
> WORKING_DIR  = project directory (where live)
> FORREST_HOME = forrest installation directory
> JETTY_CONF   = based on WORKING_DIR or wherever jettyconf.xml lives
> CLASSPATH containing pratically all *.jar files within Forrest?!
> guessing

 From memory, that is all correct. If you hit problems I'll dig into the 
code with you.

(I'm on and off IRC tonight as it is Forrest Friday)


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