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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Database Plugin
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 15:33:17 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> Hi G , :)
> It 'looks' like you would need to get the plugin from
> ..\whiteboard\plugins\org.apache.forrest.plugin.Database
> This is a whiteboard plugin, usually meaning 'use at your own risk'
> Sometimes though only popular plugins make it out of the 
> whiteboard, so unpopular ones remain there even if stable.
> Strange though how I could not find it listed on the 
> plugins section of the forrest site 

It has never been released because forrest.xconf needs to be patched for 
it to know where to get database connection from.

At one time I patched Forrest to allow automatic patching of the xconf 
files when plugins are installed. However, I used the XPatch method 
which is being deprecated within Cocoon, so we removed it again.

I have half-enabled the ability to dynamically load additional xconf 
files. However, I never found the time to finish off this work. Perhaps, 
now we have a user needing it, we will finish it with their help ;-)

There is also a need to patch the web.xml file, currently there is no 
way of doing this automatically.

However, both of these can be done by hand (see Cocoon docs on this).

> Maybe it is only available via subversion. You may need to
> use the latest svn version of forrest, or someone else
> will be along to tell you how you can get it elsewhere.

It is only available via SVN.

It should work with 0.7, but I make no promises about that, best to use 
SVN head.

An alternative, which I am using right now, is to write a custom 
generator that will talk directly to the database. This is not the most 
efficient method as it will no reuse the database pooling etc. within 
the Cocoon DB block, however, it is quick and easy to do (if you know 
how to write a java app to talk to the DB).

I can provide some simple skeleton code as an example if you want to go 
this later route.


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