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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: pdf generation breaks
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 12:19:19 GMT
Joao Miguel Ferreira wrote:
> As you suggested, I created a new empty dir and executed:
> prompt#> forrest seed site
> And both the HTML and the PDF correctly display the image included in
> samples.xml as you mentioned.

OK, so this confirms the problem is with your source documents, not with 
  Forrest itself. Now to figure out what that problem is...

> Another thing: I'm using 'jpg' and 'gif' images... is this correct ?

Yes, Forrest will handle both of these by default.

> By the way, my version:
>    *=======================================================*
>     |                 Forrest Site Builder                  |
>     |                         0.5.1                         |
>     |             $Date: 2003/10/05 14:42:56 $              |
>     *=======================================================*

This is a very old version of Forrest, it would make sense for you to 
upgrade to the most recent version as, of course, it is more stable and 
you will find it much easier to get complete support here on the user 
lists. Most of us can't remember issues from 2-3 years ago (and may devs 
weren't here then).


Do the following:

- forrest run
- http://localhost:8888/path/to/file/with/broken/image.pdf

Now, inspect the logs that have been recorded in 

In particular you are interested in error.log an core.log

Post any parts that look like they may be relevant to the generation of 
your image in the PDF file.

Also, please answer these questions:

- where is the image located?
- what is the XDoc source that you are using


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