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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: forrest 0.7 multi language site contribution and question (second version)
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 03:13:24 GMT wrote:
> Hi list,
> May be this mail should be send to a dev list.

Most Forrest developers are also on this user- list.

If the content is going to confuse other users
or get really technical or turn into development mode
or bugfixing mode, then it should be on the dev@ list.

Sorry that no-one managed to anwer your previous email
on this topic. We are all busy. Also only one week
had gone by.

Tip: It is better to reply to your own previous
email to keep the discussion going. Ask the final
question in a different way, more clues for us.

I read your previous email but i became confused
and hoped that someone would answer. Thorsten has
moved it to the dev list.

Thanks for the very clear background and steps.
That is a good way to explain.


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