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From Joao Miguel Ferreira <>
Subject Re: pdf generation breaks
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 13:32:22 GMT

please read on bellow...

On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 03:44, David Crossley wrote:

> The only thing that really needs to be upgraded is
> the skinconf.xml and the as discussed
> in the upgrading_07.html
> You *do not* need to change the document format.
> Forrest will happily continue to process document-v1.2
> We have some of those still in our "site-author".
> > No, please update.
> Well, forrest-0.5.1 should work. Joao Miguel said that
> the 'forrest seed site' worked. Did you try that as i
> suggested to add extra <figure> elements to the
> 'forrest seed site' samples.xml file?

Just did. Same problem. Some images OK. Some images nOK. Problem only
hapens on PDF. HTML is ok.

There really seems to be a size or dimensions issue. Let me explain: I
have 2 images: one works the other doesn't work.

The image that works was obtained form the other one, by using GIMP to
reduce the size (pixels, width and height) to 50% (the big one, that
doesn't work is 99.7K; the small one, that works is 7.2K). !!!!!!!!!

> Joao Miguel, try removing the <figure> elements from
> your samples.xml file. I want to see if the PDF document
> has other problems besides the images.

If I remove the <figure> everything works just fine ! PDF ok !


thanks for the help. I'll keep sending you the info you need.


> -David

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