The site in question (xml ftp feed input) is pretty massive.
To clarify, I should report bugs during upgrade testing in jira?
I'm working on all of these for the same live Forrest site:
- ftp xml data input
- i18n - writing a how to
- upgrading 0.7 to 0.8 dev
- testing feeder plugin
- hoping to post questions to dev on implementing web translation engine on Forrest site
  as well for sites where content is too vast and changing to rely on hard-coding i18n.

Thank you for all the info!

David Crossley wrote:
Ross Gardler wrote:
Helena Edelson wrote:
Is the 0.8-dev moving to a stable release in a few weeks, a month? Is 
there a general projection? 
Never ask an Open Source project when the next release will come ;-)

The way to make it come, is to start using the trunk
(i.e. 0.8-dev) and report any major issues. See below.

The code that is scheduled for inclusion in 0.8-dev is pretty stable. 
There are some rough edges that need smoothing over, but core code is 

Keep an eye on the roadmap in Jira for updates on progress and known 
issues with SVN head [1]

We also have some new status reports. We still
need to assign Urgency values to issues to make
them show. However that is discussion for dev@ list.

I need to get the ftp xml data in the site in a few days. Sunday if I 
don't sleep. I guess by the time I upgrade the app from 0.7 to 0.8
maybe it will be a stable release and I'll use the Dispatcher. 
The dispatcher will not be in the 0.8 release (well, it will, but it 
won't be release status so will be undocumented). Besides, as I said in 
the original mail, the dispatcher is not the place to define the 
location of source files, that is the locationmap.

I am sure 
I'll post many questions while I upgrade :-)
That will be really useful in helping us to write the upgrade 
instructions However, please keep those questions to the dev list in 
order to keep noise down for users sticking with 0.7

Not much, if anything, to do for "upgrading" from
0.7 to 0.8-dev ... 

I just tried one of my sites and i did not need to
do anything at all.

Perhaps there are some new skinconf.xml settings and settings that you might take advantage
of. Anyway mine worked out-of-the-box with 0.8-dev

This page says that you need to do 'forrest clean-work'.
Not sure if necessary.






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