THank you for taking the time to pass along this immensely clear beta.


Ross Gardler wrote:
Helena Edelson wrote:

What is actually reading the data?
I am trying to understand if there is more extendability for the parameters, for example:
i.e. what in the Forrest engine is parsing and using this or is it Cocoon? is a mixture of properties used during the initialisation of the application and during the actually execution.

The validate properties, like the one you select as an example, are used by the ANT script that runs Forrest. Others, such as "" are made available at runtime via a Cocoon Input Module, which is configured in the forrest.xconf file.

Taking the question a step further, is it possible then to define new settings in
and if so how might this be referenced in sitemap?

Add your property to If you want to provide a default setting add it to FORREST_HOME/main/

Now find the following element in FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/WEB-INF/xconf/forrest.xconf:

<component-instance name="project" class="org.apache.forrest.conf.ForrestConfModule">

Inside this element there is a <valued> element. Add the following as a child of that element:


Now you can access the value in your sitemap as {project:data}

Couple of points to note:

1 - Forrest must be restarted to register these changes.
2 - When upgrading Forrest the changes to forrest.xconf will be lost, make a local backup as soon as you have it working (something like local.forrest.xconf.backup), this way, it doesn't matter if you forget during upgrade, you will still have a copy.


There is a new config system being developed in 0.8-dev that will simplify this process and allow projects to arbitrarily add properties without editing core files. It is currently working in SVN head, if you are interested join us on the dev list.