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Subject Apache Forrest 0.7 0.8 internationalisation
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:09:20 GMT
Hi List,

I am interrested in transforming my Forrest site from mono lingual to  a 
multilingual site.
I saw examples on wich there is a tab fo each language. 
It seem there is more elegant solution.
I have basic needs concerning the "skin" I used the default one (pelt).
Concerning the intenationalisation, the need is the folowing.
A)To be translated : 
  - the pages
  - the tab
  - the menu
B)To choose the language 
  - A list of language name (each name in it language exemple english 
deutsch ..) at the top or on the left.
  - or a  select with option at the top
When the user make a choice, the current page is displayed with the chosen 

I read the in line documenation

To instal view, the begin of the operation is

cd {forrest-trunk}
svn up

What do we have  install to be able to do it?

In the 0.8 documentation I can read 
2.18. How can I internationalise (i18n) my content?
The i18n features of Forrest are still under development (as of 0.7) 
however there are some features available. For example, navigation menus 
can be i18n'd (see fresh-site for an example). Currently, work is underway 
to i18n skins
All internationalistation of tokens in, for example, the skins and the 
menus, is carried out by the Cocoon i18n Transformer. You can see an 
example of how it works in the above linked issue.

But the Cocooni18n Transformer link is broken.

For the updating of the tab and the menu the core work seems to be the 
updating of the site2xhtml.xsl.

What is possible in version 0.7? How to do it?
What is possible in version 0.8? How to do it?
What will be possible in version  0.8? How to do it?
Has any Forrest user a site with the I18n active? 

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