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From "Milind Parikh" <>
Subject Re: Apache Forrest Documentation
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 04:07:26 GMT
My intent is NOT to start a flame war. I am just stating my opinion in this 

I am not really expecting anything (except some answers to the occasional 
'dufus' questions). I am quite willing to remove the copyright thing on the 
Forrest documentation if that helps anyone.

I have gone through the forrest documentation. It is quite good from a 
technical standpoint. Additionaly the discussions on the mailing list (if 
you can find the pointer to mailing lists) are quite informative.

Because of the (hidden?) power of Forrest, it should be a no brainer for 
most department and company websites. It's RAD feature (functioning in a 
webapp mode) is second to none. It's PDF file generating capabilties should 
impress anyone who uses it. It is also a top level apache project.

Yet.... Apache Forrest is relatively unknown. I believe that the part of the 
reason is in creating documentation that will effectively market Apache 
Forrest. As a developer, I hate to think that one needs effective marketing 
material to market a superb product. As a manager, I know that every product 
needs a little edge.

Apache Forrest  has given a lot to me in the last month (even if I just 
lurked in the mailing lists and the documentation). I would like to give 
something back.

- Milind

is not well known.  Additionally this needs to be pitched (and styled)

>From: David Crossley <>
>Subject: Re: Apache Forrest Documentation
>Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 12:22:09 +1100
>Ross Gardler wrote:
> > Milind Parikh wrote:
> > >I am sold on Forrest !! I will be writing about Apache Forrest on
> > > is powered through Apache
> > >Forrest.
> >
> > Cool - thanks.
> >
> > > I would like to have five-six chapters on Forrest. This is the
> > >proposed format...
> > >
> > >1. 30 second pitch on Forrest (want this to be a slide show... just
> > >cannot get s5slides to work).
> >
> > If you want to tell us what the symptoms are we can advise.
> >
> > >2. One hour Teach A Man To Fish (TAMTF) series on Forrest
> > >3. One Day Deep Immersion (ODDI) series on Forrest
> > >4. Internationalization with Forrest
> > >5. Plugin Development with Forrest
> > >
> > >I should be done with these chapters by January 15th. Any suggestions
> > >are welcome !
> >
> > That is some fastwriting!
> >
> > It's difficult to make comments when all we have to go on is a title, so
> > I'll avoid making assumptions about the content.
> >
> > With respect to 4, Helena is working very hard at understanding our
> > rather patchy i18n support. I would recomend teaming up with her on this
> > (via this list). Since your matrials are copyrighted there are limits to
> > how closely you can cooperate, but at least in terms of deciphering the
> > varied (and occasionally contradictory) sources of information we have I
> > am sure you can assist one another.
>Milind i am unclear what you are expecting from us.
>Our documentation is at

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