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From "Jean T. Anderson" <>
Subject Re: Odd 'diffs' when building incubator site
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 03:44:14 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> ... 
>>I can explain the png differences (though I can't fix them). And it's 
>>possible David already explained this in a followup; if so, my apologies.
>>I mentioned some operating system differences when building forrest on 
>>the dev list last August: 

> Ah, one of the many things that i intended to
> follow up on. Sorry.

no apology needed.

> ... 
> Would you please provide a list of the images problems.
> I have seen them occur elsewhere but never been able
> to track down the cause.

they are all under site-publish/skin :

$ svn status
M      images/rc-t-l-5-1header-2tab-selected-3tab-selected.png
M      images/rc-t-l-5-1header-2searchbox-3searchbox.png
M      images/rc-t-r-5-1header-2tab-selected-3tab-selected.png
M      images/rc-t-l-5-1header-2tab-unselected-3tab-unselected.png
M      images/rc-t-r-5-1header-2searchbox-3searchbox.png
M      images/rc-t-r-5-1header-2tab-unselected-3tab-unselected.png
M      images/rc-b-l-15-1body-2menu-3menu.png
M      images/rc-b-r-15-1body-2menu-3menu.png
M      images/rc-t-r-15-1body-2menu-3menu.png
M      images/rc-b-r-5-1header-2tab-selected-3tab-selected.png

> ... 
>>- Somebody modified source but didn't publish the changes, so the next
>>person somes along and sees unexpected changes on the publish side.
> Yes always a problem. This can usually be seen by following
> the svn commits mailing list for the particular project.

I'd just say this is an issue that warrants education -- and applies to 
any publishing system.

>>- Differences when using a different release of forrest (in my case this 
>>produced such a huge change I knew something was wrong)
> We are trying to minimise such changes in output
> formatting, but that will still be a problem.

Again, I think education is key here.

> - Another issue that causes line-endings problems
> arises when committers do not configure their svn client.

yep, that's a good one as well to add to the list.


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