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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: common+skins document2html.xsl questions
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 21:03:16 GMT
Helena Edelson wrote:
> I am confused on getting data into xdocs content.
> I've been testing some of my own hacks (manglings) for getting meta data 
> into sections of xdoc xml content files(document 2.0 dtd)
> This is simple with xslt files, jsp/servlets, php  where aspects are 
> easily split so one can set in say a language file
> the messages to output (Forrest has this but..) in various areas of the 
> Content (xdocs/*.xml).
> Am I missing something or is it in 0.8 ?

SVN head has the dispatcher, which makes this *much* easier.

> Maybe it is in teh all-talked about coat or views. 

"Views" was the original development name of the Dispatcher.  We changed 
the name because of lots of confusion with other uses of the word "views"...

> Is 0.8 in MVC?

... and there is one of those other uses. Since Forrest is not an 
application framework there is no sense in it providing an MVC model. 
However, Forrest is a Cocoon application and Cocoon provides a full MVC 
application framework so  you can use Forrest in an MVC application. 
However, I digress...

> The only way I see is to customize both common document2html.xsl and 
> skins document2html.xsl
> (very messy:reusability rather sad)

All document2html.xsl files in skins import import the common file:

<xsl:import href="../../../common/xslt/html/document-to-html.xsl"/>

You therefore make whatever edit you need in the appropriate file. That 
is, if the skin overrides the match you want to edit then do it in the 
skins document2html.xsl otherwise consider whether the change is skin 
specific or not.

If it is specific to a particular skin then your edit goes in the skin 
document2html.xsl file, whereas if it is useful in all skins then it 
goes in the common one.

> class="fork" is being stripped by my editor and <link> not allowed.
> tested a custom template for matching <a> to implement class fork but it 
> kept being stripped.

Did you really mean to say my "stripped by my editor"? If so then that 
is a misconfiguration of your editor and nothing to do with Forrest.


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