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From "Jean T. Anderson" <>
Subject Odd 'diffs' when building incubator site
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 18:42:19 GMT
This will demonstrate how sadly far behind I am on emails.

I'd like to resurrect one issue from the post at

. The original subject was "Re: [Fwd: [ Re: [RT] 
Super Simple Site Generation Tool]]"

Ross Gardler wrote on Sat, 31 Dec 2005:
> <vast snippage> 
>  Leo Simons wrote:
>  > $ svn status
>  > ?      forrest_07_branch
>  > M      site-author/index.html
>  > M      site-publish/index.pdf
>  > M      site-publish/projects/axion.pdf
>  > M      site-publish/incubation/incubation-process.png
>  > M      site-publish/index.html
>  > $ svn diff site-publish/index.html
>  > ...
>  > -<a name="N1002D"></a><a name="ApacheCon+US+2005"></a>
>  > +<a name="N10033"></a><a name="ApacheCon+US+2005"></a>
>  > ...
>  >
>  > Huh? Why such a big diff? I can sort-of understand why the index.* files
>  > have been modified (though this isn't exactly a pretty diff to look at)
>  > but what's with the image or the axion.pdf? Moreoever, why on earth did
>  > it spend 5 minutes generating files that are now exactly the same as
>  > before?? Abort, abort, abort.
> I can't explain the axion and png differences. Perhaps this is a badly 
> configured SVN setup since both of these are binary files.

I can explain the png differences (though I can't fix them). And it's 
possible David already explained this in a followup; if so, my apologies.

I mentioned some operating system differences when building forrest on 
the dev list last August:

A succinct summary is I use Linux and everyone else on Derby uses 
Windows. Derby uses the official 0.7 release. I always see diff's on 
linux with png files generated from aart and a handful of the 
site/skin/*.css files. Infrequently I also see unexplainable diff's with 
other files of any type, such as html, zip, pdf. Since everyone else is 
on Windows, I just don't commit those files that don't make sense.

I should have followed up and filed a Jira issue, but didn't see it as 
that big of a deal. But now I'm feeling guilty because I've started 
helping David publish incubator changes and do see diffs on the 
incubator site that don't make sense, so understand Leo's confusion.

Using the forrest_07_branch I don't see diffs with the css files that I 
see with the official 0.7 release, but I do see diffs with many png's 
under site-publish/skin/images. And I occasionally do see diffs with 
other files. (Initially I also saw huge diffs when my environment 
defaulted to the formal 0.7 release that I use for building derby, but 
now that I know what that looks like I won't make that mistake again).

I can think of these reasons for encountering unexplainable diffs:

- Operating system differences with generation of the png or other files
- Somebody modified source but didn't publish the changes, so the next
person somes along and sees unexpected changes on the publish side.
- Differences when using a different release of forrest (in my case this 
produced such a huge change I knew something was wrong)

I don't know that this info helps the incubator, but it might help some 
other project that has multiple developers on different operating 
systems working on the same web site.


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