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From Thomas Dudziak <>
Subject Re: How to find the culprit in case of "BROKEN: No pipeline matched request" ?
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 14:14:09 GMT
On 1/30/06, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> Thomas Dudziak wrote:
> > I have a somewhat large site that is generated via Forrest 0.7, and I
> > get the dreaded "BROKEN: No pipeline matched request:" error. Now the
> > interesting part is that the page noted in the error message is there,
> > in fact three lines before the error message, Forrest did state that
> > it successfully processed the file.
> That sounds very strange. Please provide more details, such as:
> - Forrest version
> - execution mode
> - request being made
> - details of any customisations you have made (project sitemap, skin etc.)
> - plugins in use

As I wrote, Forrest 0.7 (official release) on Windows, execution via
Ant (site target in Normal HTML generation (no
other plugins used, not even PDF). Some adaptations to the CSS, but
nothing big.

> > Now I wonder, is there a way to get more info from Forrest, e.g. who
> > and where did reference the page, etc. ? brokenlinks.xml does not
> > really help, it basically states the same info as the commandline
> > output.
> The broken links file tells you which page had the reference which
> resulted in the break. The command line output just tells you that there
> was a break.

I found the problem (but not via any Forrest output): the XML source
for the page in question was not fully correct - it contained an area
tag with an invalid URL. Now Forrest created the HTML page, but still
complained about it somehow/somewhere.
After removing the area tag, all works fine now.


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