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From David Crossley <>
Subject assist with testing 0.8-dev (Was: xml feed input)
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2006 07:27:18 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Helena Edelson wrote:
> >
> >Is the 0.8-dev moving to a stable release in a few weeks, a month? Is 
> >there a general projection? 
> Never ask an Open Source project when the next release will come ;-)

The way to make it come, is to start using the trunk
(i.e. 0.8-dev) and report any major issues. See below.

> The code that is scheduled for inclusion in 0.8-dev is pretty stable. 
> There are some rough edges that need smoothing over, but core code is 
> complete.
> Keep an eye on the roadmap in Jira for updates on progress and known 
> issues with SVN head [1]

We also have some new status reports. We still
need to assign Urgency values to issues to make
them show. However that is discussion for dev@ list.

> >I need to get the ftp xml data in the site in a few days. Sunday if I 
> >don't sleep. I guess by the time I upgrade the app from 0.7 to 0.8
> >maybe it will be a stable release and I'll use the Dispatcher. 
> The dispatcher will not be in the 0.8 release (well, it will, but it 
> won't be release status so will be undocumented). Besides, as I said in 
> the original mail, the dispatcher is not the place to define the 
> location of source files, that is the locationmap.
> >I am sure 
> >I'll post many questions while I upgrade :-)
> That will be really useful in helping us to write the upgrade 
> instructions However, please keep those questions to the dev list in 
> order to keep noise down for users sticking with 0.7

Not much, if anything, to do for "upgrading" from
0.7 to 0.8-dev ... 

I just tried one of my sites and i did not need to
do anything at all.

Perhaps there are some new skinconf.xml settings and settings that you might take advantage
of. Anyway mine worked out-of-the-box with 0.8-dev

This page says that you need to do 'forrest clean-work'.
Not sure if necessary.

> Ross
> [1]



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