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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: common+skins document2html.xsl questions
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 21:24:22 GMT
Note: I have not replied to your earlier mail because my recommendation
is the dispatcher (once again). Since as soon as I mention this on @user
we start to point out that is not ready for production so I just stop to
mention it on this list. The dispatcher is dev stuff so all questions
regarding it should be directed to dev@f.a.o. It is not a user topic
since only "devs" are using the dispatcher. 

El dom, 22-01-2006 a las 12:32 -0500, Helena Edelson escribió:
> I am confused on getting data into xdocs content.

does it has to be *in* the xdocs? Or is it that is coming just
afterward? Is it xdocs itself, if so did you try a "simple" cinclude on
the xdocs (before skining)?

> I've been testing some of my own hacks (manglings) for getting meta data 
> into sections of xdoc xml content files(document 2.0 dtd)

What is this meta data can you give an example?

> This is simple with xslt files, jsp/servlets, php  where aspects are 
> easily split so one can set in say a language file
> the messages to output (Forrest has this but..) in various areas of the 
> Content (xdocs/*.xml).

That sounds like you want to include another language in the content,

> Am I missing something or is it in 0.8 ?

What do you mean?

> Maybe it is in teh all-talked about coat or views. Is 0.8 in MVC?

If you mean the dispatcher, then yes one can say it is following the
model-view-controller (mvc) pattern, but the dispatcher != skins.

> The only way I see is to customize both common document2html.xsl and 
> skins document2html.xsl
> (very messy:reusability rather sad)

Yes, that is why I started the work on the dispatcher aka views. Here
you can easily define custom business services that you can include and
process in your output.

> class="fork" is being stripped by my editor and <link> not allowed.

link is xdocs < 2.0 and in =>2.0  it is <a/>.

Seems you need to configure your editor that @class does not get
stripped. Try with "vi", that will not strip it. ;-)

> tested a custom template for matching <a> to implement class fork but it 
> kept being stripped.
> did a bunch of (starts-with...) to catch "http:" and if found, do <a 
> href="{@href} target="_blank"> just like "fork"
> with no luck either on like ten tries at template variations. Anyone 
> have any ideas?

Hmm, I have just tested it on the lenya docu and it is working like a
<p> The server <a href="ext:lenya-zone"
class="fork"></a> provides our testing and
demonstration area. It is managed by Apache Lenya committers. </p>

get transformed to 
<p> The server <a target="_blank" class="fork"
provides our testing and demonstration area. It is managed by Apache
Lenya committers. </p>



"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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