Is the i8n usage callable or instantiated by multiple init params in sitemap similar to web.xml servlet init param entries but wrapped in test's for the selected language?

How do we implement it across the session for all session requests? Specifically, do we have to set up this logic for each transformed file in sitemap (xsl:stylesheet) and also for each file of type document-v20.dtd that is only transformed through the common skins?

Might we create a reusable component or, in sitemap terms, a resource (?), to run it through? Is this done already?


Helena Edelson wrote:
thank you David.
When I get multiple language support working in one live site i'm working on now,
I'll spend some time writing a how to. I hope to integrate at least ten.
Will review previously implemented work to date.
Some time in January a how to should be ready.


David Crossley wrote:
Ross Gardler wrote:
Helena Edelson wrote:
i am also working on i18n stuff. when i figure it out,
i was thinking it might be help ful to write a how to.
everything so far seems
fractured in terms of the steps to take to implement.
there are many if then's and info is everywhere, from
docs to jira to cocoon docs..
 te a start is what is needed.

Helena, please ask questions on the mailing list
rather than via the issue tracker. Here are some
notes that might help you ...

Yes, use one catalogue file per language.

The map:serialise is an empty element. The patch
that you looked at was old and has a syntax error
with an extra closing tag for a map:generator.
It has already been applied and has some subsequent
changes which were done prior to 0.7 release.

Anyway you should not need to look at the guts
of Forrest just to use i18n.

Remember that we only maintain the "pelt" skin.
So for the i18n of menus, it might only work for
pelt. The i18n of content should be independent
of the skin.

See the notes in about i18n.

See a 'forrest seed site'.

See Cheche's blog entry. Google: i18n forrest
Beware, some changes have been made since he wrote.

There is some recent discussion about i18n in
the forrest-dev mailing archives. Guess about
three months ago. I tried to explain the processing
to Gav and we fixed a bug which produced invalid
html output (only fixed in trunk at svn r263870
and r264136). The i18n still worked.

Yes we do need to bring it all together
in the forrest docs.