Ok, but really it was just tweaking the tigris.css file for all handling of a specific class (text/image plain, hover, linked).
In IE behavior was inherited all over perfectly.
In Firefox this was not the case, and some images and text needed to be more specifically handled as it did
not appear to get  from parent. Images with links on the a:hover were literally shooting several inches up the page

Are client-side issues no longer a problem if 7 apps ported to 8dev with new views? Does it take long to port?
I built a way to generate multiple rss content channels if project is interested.


Ross Gardler wrote:
Helena Edelson wrote:
Problem found to be related to there being a difference between
the handling of css inheritance on Internet Explorer versus Mozilla  Firefox.

I have experienced no problems in Pelt or any of my skins derived from pelt.

Solved by making tigris.css more specific where necessary.
Rendering a perfect UI in both browsers is better left to the client-side experts.
Worth a quick QA if app  end user client  unknown. It was a significant bug.

I don't think we actively support Tigris anymore. However, I note you have raised an issue for this, is there any chance you can provide your patch that fixes this problem?