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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: New Forrest Example
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 10:55:31 GMT wrote:
> Dear Forrest Team,
> first of all thank you for providing Forrest. I think it is already 
> extremely helpful to speed up the maintenance of dynamically changing 
> Web sites.
> You may take our site into your list of examples:
> URL:
> Title: Snjezana Vidovic - Art Painter
> Description: Virtual Gallery

I'm in a rush right now, so I've not added this yet. But I (or someone 
else) wil get to it soon. Thanks,

The reason for my mail is I wondered if you would like to work with us 
on the photo gallery plugin in our whiteboard? What this does is build 
photo albums of all the photo's in directories (in your case of paintings).

At present the output is ugly and there is no meta data (i.e. the 
descriptions you have on your site). But it does create index pages and 
viewing pages, with next and previous buttons. With a little 
collaboration we could turn it into something extremely useful for your 
site. If you are interested then join us on the dev list (I have a use 
case for this plugin in around three months time, so I can assure you of 
my assistance if you want to try and improve this for your site).

There is an example of the ugly output at

> One side remark: even if it is relatively easy and straight forward to 
> write a multi language application in Forrest, the whole i18n approach 
> is quite static.

Yes, i18n is not well supported right now. See other recent threads. We 
need people like yourself, who are actually using the i18n stuff to help 
us improve it.

> A good language model should support links between different language 
> versions of the same side. Example: you may have certain content 
> available only in English. But you want to refer to that content from 
> the German site.

As I understand it you can set a default language and if the file is not 
available in the preferred language it will fall back to the default. If 
this is correct then our existing support will do the above.


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