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From Helena Edelson <>
Subject Re: i18n info
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 15:19:21 GMT
Between the mailing list archives (both user and dev), the forrest and 
cocoon docs, and the i18n code in forrest itself, plus satellite info 
like Cheche's blog, there is rather a lot of information. I found it 
hard to sort out what NOT to do, since options seem great to customize 
(things like <i18n:attribute, translate, text...>,  Getting 
Common_Messages parsing language text in the skin is, er.., interesting, 
some being in skinconf, some being in site2html.

Has anyone on this list worked with web-based translation engines?
Hard-coding each content page is not really an option for large sites 
with a high frequency of new content.

With guidance, I could contribute a basic i18n how to. The basics are 
rather easy actually. But I wonder, there seems to be so much in cocoon 
for i18n, is there anything there to implement in forrest to gain more 
flexibility? Or is forrest's implementation already drawing fully on that?

thanks :)

Ross Gardler wrote:

> Torsten Stolpmann wrote:
>> - In contradiction to the documentation try naming your web pages 
>> instead of index_es.xml. We got that from studying the 
>> error logs closely and suspect the documentation is plain wrong here. 
>> Can someone from the dev team comment on this? We also renamed our 
>> default language files accordingly (index.en.xml in your case).
> It is quite likely that the docs are at best misleading, or even 
> incorrect.
> i18n support in Forrest is a long way from complete right now and 
> there is almost no useful documentation (as this thread illustrates).
> I don't have experience of our i18n, nor do I currently have the time 
> to go through the Forrest code right now to verify your conclusion, 
> but if you have it working this way then I reckon that's a pretty good 
> indication.
> It being the holidays in much of the world right now feedback may be 
> slow coming.
> However, I (and probably others) are reading this thread an learning. 
> We'll shout if we see something wrong, otherwise you can assume your 
> work is educating us ;-)
> Ross

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