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From Helena Edelson <>
Subject Re: i18n usage
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2005 19:50:51 GMT
With things as they are now in my test, if my browser is on language n, 
the document (lang n) is served but I haven't gotten it to also to tabs 
and menues yet I see on other forrest sites it is working so I think I'm 
missing one thing.

In my initial test I used the file naming conv and changed 
it not thinking it made a difference but I shall change it back and see.

*Do you mean you didn't have to modivy or add anything to sitemap?


Torsten Stolpmann wrote:

> Hi,
> first of all:
> Our site at is already running in i18n-mode 
> (currently only de and en is supported) using the servlet approach and 
> dynamic language detection using forrest 0.7.
> I think from your description you are almost there:
> - Setting project.i18n=true in is the right thing 
> to do.
> - In contradiction to the documentation try naming your web pages 
> instead of index_es.xml. We got that from studying the 
> error logs closely and suspect the documentation is plain wrong here. 
> Can someone from the dev team comment on this? We also renamed our 
> default language files accordingly (index.en.xml in your case).
> - You are right about menus_es.xml, languages_es.xml, tabs_es.xml this 
> is what we did also and it worked as advertised.
> - Yes, to my knowledge all your pages have to be translated seperatly. 
> Especially if you want to support 10 or more languages this will make 
> structural changes in your pages cumbersome to maintain. We already 
> suffer from this with just our two languages.
> The above scheme worked for translating almost everything but some 
> settings defined in skinconf.xml (e.g. the feedback link). Especially 
> we never had to touch anything on the sitemap level.
> HTH,
>     Torsten
> Helena Edelson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It doesn't make sense to have to add this:
>> modify |cli.xconf| and add this line:
>> <uri type=”insert” src-prefix=”" src=”index.html” 
>> follow-links=”false” dest=”/var/tmp/fs/build/i18n/*.en” />
>> if you are in a live web environment - if you need mulitiple languages.
>> If setting is project.i18n=true,
>> and a user-client browser is language n,
>> is it only that we need to create all the catalogues, menus and tabs 
>> for x lanuages we will support and the browser does the rest - i.e. 
>> translate the document portion of the page
>> ?
>> Also I can not find anything difinitive on modifying sitemap to 
>> handle i18n
>> I see forrest.xmap does a few things, I see the F7 site2html.xsl 
>> includes
>>   xmlns:i18n="" 
>> exclude-result-prefixes="i18n"
>> in the xsl:stylesheet declaration so I am not sure what a dev needs 
>> to do on the config side,
>> as it seems most of the work is done already in the guts of forrest 
>> itself.
>> thank you,
>> helena
>> Helena Edelson wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I tested the i18n features of forrest-0.7-dev
>>> - made a new dir
>>> - fresh forrest seed
>>> - turned forrest.i18n on
>>> - added index_es.xml to .../xdocs/
>>> - (menu_es.xml, languages_es.xml, tabs_es.xml in distro)
>>> - index.xml file was renamed  index_es.xml
>>> modified index_es.xml to display some Spanish text
>>> Cheche's blog suggests to do this which I did as well:
>>> |added project.configfile=/var/tmp/fs/cli.xconf| to 
>>> ||
>>> modify |cli.xconf| and add this line:
>>> <uri type=”insert” src-prefix=”" src=”index.html” 
>>> follow-links=”false” dest=”/var/tmp/fs/build/i18n/*.en” />
>>> I looked in my build/tmp/ and found that even 
>>> though I set project.i18n=true in,
>>> ant output is project.i18n=false.
>>> Why might this be?
>>> My index_es.html is served (locale in browser set to 'es') yet the 
>>> menu_es.xml does not.
>>> I know from mail-archives and others that translation of both menu 
>>> and doc can work.
>>> embarrasing question: Is it the case that if we want multiple 
>>> languages to be supported, we have to supply the
>>> translations per document page? Nothing will automatically translate 
>>> for the app like how the online
>>> translation engines do it? Would be great to plug something like 
>>> that in and simply do:
>>> localhost:8888/index.html?locale=es or 
>>> localhost:8888/index.html?locale=fr
>>> cheers,
>>> helena
>>>> David Crossley wrote:
>>>>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>>>> Helena Edelson wrote:
>>>>>>> i am also working on i18n. when i figure it out,
>>>>>>> i was thinking it might be help ful to write a how to.
>>>>>>> everything so far seems
>>>>>>> fractured in terms of the steps to take to implement.
>>>>>>> there are many if then's and info is everywhere, from
>>>>>>> docs to jira to cocoon docs..
>>>>>> te a start is what is needed.
>>>>> Yes, use one catalogue file per language.
>>>>> Yes we do need to bring it all together
>>>>> in the forrest docs.
>>>>> -David

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