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From Torsten Stolpmann <>
Subject Re: i18n usage
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2005 18:51:33 GMT

first of all:

Our site at is already running in i18n-mode 
(currently only de and en is supported) using the servlet approach and 
dynamic language detection using forrest 0.7.

I think from your description you are almost there:

- Setting project.i18n=true in is the right thing to do.

- In contradiction to the documentation try naming your web pages instead of index_es.xml. We got that from studying the 
error logs closely and suspect the documentation is plain wrong here. 
Can someone from the dev team comment on this? We also renamed our 
default language files accordingly (index.en.xml in your case).

- You are right about menus_es.xml, languages_es.xml, tabs_es.xml this 
is what we did also and it worked as advertised.

- Yes, to my knowledge all your pages have to be translated seperatly. 
Especially if you want to support 10 or more languages this will make 
structural changes in your pages cumbersome to maintain. We already 
suffer from this with just our two languages.

The above scheme worked for translating almost everything but some 
settings defined in skinconf.xml (e.g. the feedback link). Especially we 
never had to touch anything on the sitemap level.



Helena Edelson wrote:
> Hi,
> It doesn't make sense to have to add this:
> modify |cli.xconf| and add this line:
> <uri type=”insert” src-prefix=”" src=”index.html” follow-links=”false”

> dest=”/var/tmp/fs/build/i18n/*.en” />
> if you are in a live web environment - if you need mulitiple languages.
> If setting is project.i18n=true,
> and a user-client browser is language n,
> is it only that we need to create all the catalogues, menus and tabs for 
> x lanuages we will support and the browser does the rest - i.e. 
> translate the document portion of the page
> ?
> Also I can not find anything difinitive on modifying sitemap to handle i18n
> I see forrest.xmap does a few things, I see the F7 site2html.xsl includes
>   xmlns:i18n="" 
> exclude-result-prefixes="i18n"
> in the xsl:stylesheet declaration so I am not sure what a dev needs to 
> do on the config side,
> as it seems most of the work is done already in the guts of forrest itself.
> thank you,
> helena
> Helena Edelson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I tested the i18n features of forrest-0.7-dev
>> - made a new dir
>> - fresh forrest seed
>> - turned forrest.i18n on
>> - added index_es.xml to .../xdocs/
>> - (menu_es.xml, languages_es.xml, tabs_es.xml in distro)
>> - index.xml file was renamed  index_es.xml
>> modified index_es.xml to display some Spanish text
>> Cheche's blog suggests to do this which I did as well:
>> |added project.configfile=/var/tmp/fs/cli.xconf| to ||
>> modify |cli.xconf| and add this line:
>> <uri type=”insert” src-prefix=”" src=”index.html” follow-links=”false”

>> dest=”/var/tmp/fs/build/i18n/*.en” />
>> I looked in my build/tmp/ and found that even 
>> though I set project.i18n=true in,
>> ant output is project.i18n=false.
>> Why might this be?
>> My index_es.html is served (locale in browser set to 'es') yet the 
>> menu_es.xml does not.
>> I know from mail-archives and others that translation of both menu and 
>> doc can work.
>> embarrasing question: Is it the case that if we want multiple 
>> languages to be supported, we have to supply the
>> translations per document page? Nothing will automatically translate 
>> for the app like how the online
>> translation engines do it? Would be great to plug something like that 
>> in and simply do:
>> localhost:8888/index.html?locale=es or localhost:8888/index.html?locale=fr
>> cheers,
>> helena
>>> David Crossley wrote:
>>>>Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>>>Helena Edelson wrote:
>>>>>>i am also working on i18n. when i figure it out,
>>>>>>i was thinking it might be help ful to write a how to.
>>>>>>everything so far seems
>>>>>>fractured in terms of the steps to take to implement.
>>>>>>there are many if then's and info is everywhere, from
>>>>>>docs to jira to cocoon docs..
>>>>> te a start is what is needed.
>>>>Yes, use one catalogue file per language.
>>>>Yes we do need to bring it all together
>>>>in the forrest docs.

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