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From Helena Edelson <>
Subject Re: i18n and documentation
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 00:09:30 GMT
thank you David.
When I get multiple language support working in one live site i'm 
working on now,
I'll spend some time writing a how to. I hope to integrate at least ten.
Will review previously implemented work to date.
Some time in January a how to should be ready.


David Crossley wrote:

>Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Helena Edelson wrote:
>>>i am also working on i18n stuff. when i figure it out,
>>>i was thinking it might be help ful to write a how to.
>>>everything so far seems
>>>fractured in terms of the steps to take to implement.
>>>there are many if then's and info is everywhere, from
>>>docs to jira to cocoon docs..
>> te a start is what is needed.
>Helena, please ask questions on the mailing list
>rather than via the issue tracker. Here are some
>notes that might help you ...
>Yes, use one catalogue file per language.
>The map:serialise is an empty element. The patch
>that you looked at was old and has a syntax error
>with an extra closing tag for a map:generator.
>It has already been applied and has some subsequent
>changes which were done prior to 0.7 release.
>Anyway you should not need to look at the guts
>of Forrest just to use i18n.
>Remember that we only maintain the "pelt" skin.
>So for the i18n of menus, it might only work for
>pelt. The i18n of content should be independent
>of the skin.
>See the notes in about i18n.
>See a 'forrest seed site'.
>See Cheche's blog entry. Google: i18n forrest
>Beware, some changes have been made since he wrote.
>There is some recent discussion about i18n in
>the forrest-dev mailing archives. Guess about
>three months ago. I tried to explain the processing
>to Gav and we fixed a bug which produced invalid
>html output (only fixed in trunk at svn r263870
>and r264136). The i18n still worked.
>Yes we do need to bring it all together
>in the forrest docs.

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