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From Helena Edelson <>
Subject Re: use of images in extra-css
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 16:51:56 GMT
I'm not the one who should answer this but if you haven't mapped your 
images directory in,
which would tell forrest/cocoon to find top.png in content/images or 
xdocs/images, wherever you put it, then it
seems to look for it in your FORREST_HOME/..../webapps/ images. a local 
path like this:


Johannes Schaefer wrote:

>I'd like to insert something like this into skinconf.xml
>  div#top { background-image:url('images/top.png'); }
>But I can't locate the place to put top.png.
>The path 'image/top.png' obviously doesn't get resolved like
>in the XML files.

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