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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: mozilla browser and forrest css
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 16:56:08 GMT
Helena Edelson wrote:
> Ok, but really it was just tweaking the tigris.css file for all handling 
> of a specific class (text/image plain, hover, linked).
> In IE behavior was inherited all over perfectly

It may seem trivial, but submitting the improvements will save x people 
y amount of time ;-) (not to mention the nice feeling one gete from 
sharing ones work)

> Are client-side issues no longer a problem if 7 apps ported to 8dev with 
> new views? 

Views are still in alpha, we do not recomend using them in a production 
environment unless you are prepared for a rough ride. Having said that, 
they are maturing nicely, and a number of devs are now using them.

They are not yested tested widely enough for us to be able to claim 
there are no cross-browser issues. Of course, we'd welcome your help.

> Does it take long to port?

No, but that is a dev list issue.

> I built a way to generate multiple rss content channels if project is 
> interested.

Yes, please describe you work on the dev list. Better RSS suport is 
certainly something we need.


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