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From Dick Hollenbeck <>
Subject ext: BROKEN
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 15:19:24 GMT

When using  <external-refs> that do not include the http:// in the URL, 
Forrest 0.7 treats the URL as "local", i.e. as a file:// type URL.  It 
"verifies existence" of the page pointed to by the URL after it is built 
up from the parts of <external-refs>.   Same is true if a "file://" type 
URL is used via the "ext:" scheme.   So both URLs like this: 
"./c_toolkit/file.html" and "file://./c_toolkit/file.html" are being 
tested for existence.   If no existence, then "BROKEN" shows during 

I am trying to create a *relative* link to a file, but the file is not 
present until after I assemble (i.e. move) the website to its final 

1) Can I turn off checking for "ext:" type URLs which are local, not http:

2) Can I make them relative?  Seems not, the full path of the *build 
dir* is prepended to the URL, and that is a quite useless feature.

I have a hundred such "ext:, relative, local"  links, please tell me I 
do not have to convert them to a "direct link".  If so, that would leave 
me quite dissappointed in Forrest.

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