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From Helena Edelson <>
Subject adding a customizable third linkmap/site,tabs
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 13:35:47 GMT
I'm working on a right hand sidebar in forrest that based on the path,
knows the type of content the user is viewing, which then calls particular
"channels" for the sidebar's content to promote visitors staying on a 
site longer
by seeing related info to what they are viewing.

I started by coding this from scratch with custom xslt and xml files, 
then in the middle
of the night woke up realizing I could modify either tabs or site.xml to 
manage paths
for me by creating a custom one. Questions arose.

What in the skins directs generation of the book/menu and tabs since
site2html and c_site2html simply call:
<xsl:apply-templates select="div[@class='menuBar']"/>

it seems to only have class name so how does the apply templates know 
from that
to generate book2menu, c_book2menu - they aren't included anywhere.

Also if anyone knows another better solution for a configurable right 
And in the linkmap xml files, is only tabs and site recognized? How 
would one direct cocoon
to acqnowledge a third such as sidebar.xml ?


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