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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: OutOfMemoryException with customized project sitemap. Was: linkmap customization
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 02:41:49 GMT
Torsten Stolpmann wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >
> >It sounds to me like you have unnecessary matches in
> >your project sitemap that are interfering with Forrest core.
> >
> See my other post containing the sitemap. Sorry for the attachment.

No worries. I did see it. That is why i made the comment.

> >Or as Tim suggested, your copying of the core sitemap needs
> >some tweaks to point to resources in the parent sitemap.
> >
> Exactly this is what I like to find out. The naive approach of 
> duplicating and modifying the content of the core sitemap (or relevant 
> parts thereof) does not seem to hold. But even with the much improved 
> documentation regarding sitemaps I'm pretty much clueless on how to 
> proceed from here.
> >Would you please explain what you are trying to achieve
> >with your "intended changes". Perhaps there is a better way.
> >
> Sure. Nothing fancy actually. We implemented a 'news'-box in our skin 
> which displays below the menu the last n items from an RSS feed we will 
> provide. So besides the usual tab, menu and body stuff we need another 
> pipeline providing the rss content. Since this has to be present on 
> every page the skinning process appears to be the right place.
> This is already implemented and works very well but only if the changes 
> to the sitemap are present in the forrest core sitemap.
> For the <map:match pattern="*.html"> and
>  the <map:match pattern="**/*.html"> blocks the changes consist of an 
> additional <map:part src="cocoon:/news/news.xml"/> statement.

For that sort of change, i recommend that you
make your adjustments directly to the core sitemap.

The project sitemap is not really intended to over-ride
the core in this way. See comments by Tim earlier in this

The new Dispatcher, still in development, will solve that
type of need: Add pieces of content from other pipelines.


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