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From "Calmbach, Richard" <>
Subject Protocol for submitting patches to the issue tracker
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 05:38:26 GMT
This is from the issue "Clearer forrestbot documentation"
Comment by Ross Gardler [14/Dec/05 12:16 PM]:
> Please note that the diff was incorrectly made. It was against a file
> forrest.xml.orig and therefore could not be applied without manual
I want to learn how to do this right. I should mention that even though
the patch is against SVN HEAD, I did not use Subversion to check out the
sources (I haven't installed Subversion yet), I simply downloaded
forrestbot.xml via the ViewCVS web interface. I figured the closest
match to my situation were the instructions for users of a downloaded
released version of Forrest
(, hence the .orig.
I experimented a bit with patch (I used GNU patch 2.5.4): Even if the
input file is "forrestbot.xml", doing "patch < forrestbot.xml.diff2"
successfully applies the patch to that file and the output is still
named "forrestbot.xml".
Even if that doesn't work, isn't it just a matter of "patch
forrestbot.xml forrestbot.xml.diff2"?
What is the recommended procedure? (Other than "Install Subversion!",
which I will do - it's on my list :-).

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