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From "Woods, Christopher" <>
Subject RE: Recommended Forrest/Lenya CMS Strategies?
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 16:30:19 GMT
Hi Ross

Thanks for getting back to me.  Answers are as follows: 

>How and where are your publications stored?

Existing publications are simply stored as files on my network drive.
In general, they are fairly typical word processor/html editor outputs.

>What schema are they?

I converted the above pubs to well-formed xml using sx and python but
they do not comply to any particular schema.  Obviously, they could be
made to conform to, say, docbook or xdoc.  

>Do they contain any navigation information (other than inline links)?

The documents contain only the content for the given page.  Navigation
in the current pubs is provided by a javascript toc and next/last links
provided from the xsl transform and a reference xml file.  It is not
necessary to preserve any of the navigation as the plan is to re-build
it in Forrest and allow editors to provide additional page linking via
Lenya as deemed fit.

>Can they be moved/restructured if necessary?

Absolutely, right now I have a large collection of well-formed but
otherwise undefined xml.

>Why Forrest?

1) We are already using Xalan as our xml processor and Fop to generate
pdf output.  It seemed reasonable to stay in the apache sandbox.

2) It seems that Forrest allows the user to quickly build up a
publication that utilizes an XML source, provides the ability to create
static or dynamic output, handles navigation and style, provides common
functionalities (i.e. search).  I'd like to minimize the amount of time
spent on the mechanics of the site.  

3) We have a requirement to produce platform independent, standards
compliant output.

>Why Lenya?

Our pubs have many variations but also contain redundant material.
Subject matter experts can work in Lenya to update/edit/author content
in a WYSIWYG environment without being required to know/understand
anything about XML.  We also need to track revisions, plan work, allow
comments, etc.

>Why not stick with your existing approach?

The existing approach is basically word processing and WYSIWYG html
editor tools.  We have a requirement produce XML-based pubs.  

>How often do you wish to publish the content?

It varies but changes to the baseline configuration are common and, at
the moment, a major headache and cause of delay.

>How is the content served?

Ultimately the pubs are detached from the network and live on cd-rom (so
static).  In the future we may see deployment on a Linux server but
there is no requirement for that at the moment.

>One thing you should be aware of when considering the sanity is that
Forrest is a 0.7 product. It is not complete and future versions may
change quite considerably, thus migration between versions may require
some work. Having said that, we do try and maintain backward
compatability and many of users and devs use Forrest in production

As I said, I've been happy with the level of support from apache via the
mailing lists, web sites, and wiki.  Forrest will be mainly for my own
use in order to create or port pubs into Lenya.  I'm willing to accept
the risk of Forrest being pre-release.  There is a high degree of
enthusiasm for Lenya in my group among those that have tried it, so
Forrest seems like the right choice for the future as it is likely to
play well with Lenya.


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