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From Karthik Manimaran <>
Subject Re: search.xmap query
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 01:21:22 GMT
It was a weird behaviour of my system. The problem stands resolved. I find
search.xmap in webapp directory. However the object of me touching
search.xmap is still unresolved. I'm trying to make Lucene search and index
the raw HTML files (all raw html files and folders are placed in a folder
globaljavadocs under content). What could be wrong with the following code?
  <!-- Creates a lucene:document from a Forrest document body -->
<map:match pattern="**body-*.lucene">

<map:select type="exists">

<map:when test="{project:content.globaljavadocs}{1}{2}.ehtml">
<map:generate type="html" src="{project:content.globaljavadocs}{1}{2}.ehtml"
<map:transform src="{forrest:stylesheets}/html2htmlbody.xsl" />

<map:when test="{project:content.xdocs}{1}{2}.ehtml">
<map:generate src="{project:content.xdocs}{1}{2}.ehtml" />
<map:transform src="{forrest:stylesheets}/html2htmlbody.xsl" />
<map:when test="cocoon://{1}{2}.xml">
<map:generate src="cocoon://{1}{2}.xml"/>
<map:transform src="{forrest:stylesheets}/search/document2lucene.xsl">
<map:parameter name="document-url" value="{1}{2}.xml"/>
<map:serialize type="xml"/>

<!-- Creates a lucene:document from a Forrest document (same as
above, as search-relevant information is only contained in the
body) -->
<map:match pattern="*.lucene">
<map:generate src="cocoon:/body-{0}"/>
<map:serialize type="xml"/>

<map:match pattern="**/*.lucene">
<map:generate src="cocoon:/{1}/body-{2}.lucene"/>
<map:serialize type="xml"/>

Thanks and regards,
 On 11/13/05, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> Karthik Manimaran wrote:
> > Deleting search.xmap in build directory seems to have no effect on
> > Lucene search (it still works fine) and so does modifying/adding new
> > pipeline in search.xmap. Any reasons?
> What build directory are you finding search.xmap? The core XMaps are
> used in-place and should not be in any build directory.
> Ross

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