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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Recommended Forrest/Lenya CMS Strategies?
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 17:00:24 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>I plan to use Forrest only to create new pubs or port existing pubs.
>>Once complete, they will live in the Lenya CMS and never return to
>>>There are a couple of issues to solve to have a out-of-the-box support
>>for lenya2forrest and vice versa. One major thing is site.xml (forrest)
>>vs sitetree.xml (lenya) and the way lenya stores documents (special
>>folder hierarchy).
>>This requires some thinking on my part as I assumed that going from
>>Forrest to Lenya is easily accomplished.  Should I simply port direct to
>>Lenya and leave Forrest out of the process?
> Actually if you really only want to use forrest to prepare the import I
> strongly recommend to use lenya directly. I do not see any benefit from
> porting first to forrest. Sadly we do not yet have accomplished an easy
> integration process from forrest2lenya which would justify this step.
> Later on you can use the lenya-plugin of the whiteboard to get the
> content and render it with forrest, because that is the part that lenya
> should/could use from forrest.

I would agree with Thorsten here. There is not really anything to be 
gained in using Forrest to leverage your stuff into Lenya. When I read 
your original mail I thought you were wanting to use Forrest to publish 
the documents and use Lenya to edit them. This is the first goal of the 
Forrest-Lenya plugin we have hinted at for a long time now (but nobody 
has implemented).

If you want to use Lenya to both edit *and* publish then you are better 
off going straight into Lenya.


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