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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Recommended Forrest/Lenya CMS Strategies?
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 15:28:28 GMT
Woods, Christopher wrote:
> My company is planning the following implementation:
> 1)Port existing publications to Forrest.  Current publications are xml
> files with xsl stylesheets for browser presentation, plus javascript
> menus, and a few other scripts.
> 2)Generate new publications using Forrest.
> 3)Maintain all publications with Lenya deployed on our network.
> I am looking for information that describes how to port existing pubs
> into Forrest.  A typical publication may be upwards of 500 xml file
> pages.

Let me ask a few questions to understand your position:

How and where are your publications stored?
What schema are they?
Do they contain any navigation information (other than inline links)?
Can they be moved/restructured if necessary?

> Additionally, I'm looking for information on how to hand off from
> Forrest to Lenya.

I'll leave that to someone who knows Lenya better (Thorsten?)

> Lastly, any comments on the sanity or insanity of this strategy or other
> recommendations are very welcome.  TIA.

I'll make comments on that when I understand more of what you aim to 
achieve. So more questions:

Why Forrest?
Why Lenya?
Why not stick with your existing approach?
How often do you wish to publish the content?
How is the content served?

One thing you should be aware of when considering the sanity is that 
Forrest is a 0.7 product. It is not complete and future versions may 
change quite considerably, thus migration between versions may require 
some work. Having said that, we do try and maintain backward 
compatability and many of users and devs use Forrest in production 


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