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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Installation/Internal Server Error Cocoon related?
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 22:03:04 GMT
Woods, Christopher wrote:
> FORREST_HOME is set as follows: c:\apache-forrest-0.7
> I am able to do 'forrest seed' and edit/view(static and dynamic)the
> resulting site but am still unable to view the forrest webapp.  So its
> not really a problem more of an annoyance or peculiarity.  Still I doubt
> it is related to the path as I can seed a new site and carry out normal
> editing tasks and view the results.  If FORREST_HOME or PATH were bad
> this should not be possible or am I mistaken?

I was trying to ascertain as to wether you had a different version of 
Forrest installed. Is the path the same as the install directory (it 
looks like it).

There must be something unusual about your setup because this has never 
come up before. I'm just clutching at straws really looking for a clue 
as to why it is happening for you.


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