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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Help with
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 10:35:23 GMT
Prasanna Narayanan wrote:
> HI I am a novice in forrest. I have a problem when i try to follow the 
> installation instructions ..
> When  I start with forrest run
> It says


>         ERROR
>         =====
>         Unable to retrieve the org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.pdf plugin.
>         There may be more information about the reason for this in output
>         above. The usual cause is that Forrest has been unable to download
>         the plugin descriptor file that indicates where this plugin is
>         to be
>         downloaded from. If you are behind a firewall then set the
>         and proxy.port values in the file.
>         You may also like to check the value of the
>         forrest.plugins.descriptors property in the file
>         and ensure that the locations indicated by that value are accessible
>         (note there should be no spaces in this property).


> 1) I would like to know what is the settings i need to change for 
> environment variables

Environment variables are part of your Operating System not part of 
Forrest. How you set them depends on your OS, see your OS documentation.

> 2) I would also be happy to have a sample file with 
> proxy editing. As many ppl i use proxy thru our organization's Intranet.
> Help me to solve the issue.. Thanks  in advance.

The clue is in the Error message:

"If you are behind a firewall then set the
and proxy.port values in the file."

Look in your file the properties are in there and 

# Proxy configuration
# proxy.port=

Just uncomment the two properties and set them accordingly for your 


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