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From Moshe Yudkowsky <>
Subject Re: Pinned Menus
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 15:18:26 GMT

> We always try and keep a working trunk, most of the Forrest devs use it 
> in production. However, it has not been fully tested and there can be 
> some suprises in there.

Thank you.

I can actually do 99% of what I want by leaving the "tab=" attribute out 
of the menu entries in site.xml. When that happens, the tab is not 
highlighted, but the menu remains up and the entry in the menu is 
highlighted. See <> to see this in action 
-- at least, until I change it.

Sample entry:

<endorse label="Endorsements" href="endorsements/">
    <personal label="Endorsements" href="endorsements.html"/>

Note the lack of "tab=" in the opening line.

When I come up with a better solution, if I do, I will post it.


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