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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Pinned Menus
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 10:22:47 GMT
El jue, 03-11-2005 a las 18:39 -0600, Moshe Yudkowsky escribió:
> I've looked through the documentation, and the FAQs, and Google... I'd 
> like to uses tabs.xml and site.xml to create a menu sidebar that's 
> persistent -- that is, even if I go to a subdirectory, the menu does not 
> lose higher-level items. The goal is to maintain the same overall view 
> of the site on all pages.
> <> the site I'm currently working on. 
> The tabs work as expected, and so does the menu; if I select an item I 
> get the correct highlights in the tab and the menu. However, the menu 
> changes depending on where I am in the directory hierarchy, and I'd like 
> to know if it's possible to avoid changning menus.

You are using 0.7, right? If you want to change the behavior of the menu
I am afraid you have to create your own skin and change the menu bit

In the current head that would be really easy with themes (next
generation skinning). 

If you need further help on that please subscribe to the dev list and
ask over there again.



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