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From Peter Dykstra <>
Subject req for help on using the OO plug-in
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2005 12:27:20 GMT
I am a forrest user from pre-plugin days and am having a little trouble
understanding how to use plugins - specifically getting the OpenOffice
plugin to work in forrest 0.7. Seems like I must be missing something
obvious -- any advice in getting over the hump would be appreciated.


Steps so far:

1. I've confirmed that the plugin is listed by running 'forrest

2. I've added it to the plugin list in, as so:




3. I've saved an .sxw document in my xdocs directory and added the item in
site.xml (after the index) as so:


    <index label="Index" href="index.html" description="Welcome to MyProj"/>

    <oo1 label="OOOne" href="openoffice1.sxw" description="OpenOffice Sample


The OOOne entry appears fine in the site TOC, but when I select it, instead
of displaying the text as a page in my site I get a prompt asking if I want
to open or save the document (which works, but was not the intent).


Any advice on how to get the .sxw doc to appear as a site page?   Thanks in

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